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You love teaching! You love learning! 

You're creative, smart, colorful, and want to nurture children's diverse needs while keeping everyone in as many smiles as possible!

I'm here to help you, help kids! As a seasoned occupational therapist (25 juicy years worth) working in educational settings, my goal is to share simple, effective, supportive, real-life tested, lively OT information that involves whole class activities and routines for all of your students! And I bet you could use support in non-jargon ways of talking about sensory processing and fine motor development topics to parents and others. I'm here for YOU.


Thanks for helping kids!







Why a child walks on toes

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Are we having fun yet?


WE ALL HAVE BOTH CHALLENGES AND ABILITIES. Ability conversations shine on innate goodness, start one today!


"Cyndi’s book “I See ABILITY” contains a powerful message to look beyond the surface to the heart of a child...It helps children to realize that others may look or act differently, however, all children have something special that they love and are good at. As a teacher, I would use this book to help build self-esteem and awareness. To teach children that you are special and them what they are good at and love, then celebrate the uniqueness and ability of each child!"

  ~ ANGELA NICHOLAS, Preschool Director


"Your ideas make me want to go to work tomorrow!"

  ~ Johnson Caye, Early Education Teacher

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