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“Cyndi’s book “I See ABILITY” contains a powerful message to look beyond the surface and instead to the heart of a child. What this book and Cyndi have taught me is not to be limited by the disability of a child, but to see all the things a child can do! I have learned that we need to change our perspective. As a toddler and preschool teacher, “I see ABILITY” is beautifully laid out and can be used in and outside of the classroom. It is a great tool to be used to help children visually see and learn that all children, no matter the differences, have the same ability to play, love and enjoy the world around them. It helps children to realize that others may look or act differently, however, all children have something special that they love and are good at. As a teacher, I would use this book to help build self esteem and awareness. To teach children that you are special and ask them what they are good at and love, then celebrate the uniqueness and ability of each child!”

-Angela Nicholas, Early Childhood Teacher


I have learned wisdom from my brother, David, and the many beautiful children I’ve worked with, They taught me to be brave, enjoy the moment, laugh, play, be curious, forgive, and see obstacles as challenges!


I created this book to honor these amazing young teachers in my life. My wish is that "I See Ability!" inspires and fills your heart with gratitude for the teachers in your life!

Bios for “I See ABILITY!™” Characters 


As the Grand Marshal of Merriment, David can sing or play along on his saxophone with any song. David, being the wisest man I know, especially enjoys hanging out with happy-go-lucky people. He Has brown eyes, Down syndrome, and the most adorable feet!


Thomas is an expert on dinosaurs and teaches to a variety of audiences in and out of school. Painting a mural of dinosaurs in his elementary school gymnasium was one of his last projects. Thomas loves to wear blue shirts, has autism, and is a wizard at pinball.


Exuding strength and determination, Robin, sells her artwork on the internet. She assists her fellow High School friends in a watercolor class. She loves every color of the rainbow and expressing herself through art. She loves to watch kites fly, has cerebral palsy, and reads French novels.


More than anything, Lily loves to swim. Since helping a boy find his way to the ocean shore, Lily dreams of being a lifeguard. She loves to write poetry, was born with a shortened arm, and is a lead dancer in her ballet troupe.

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Steven loves to ride his bike with his friends. He loves to perform in theatre productions and has plenty of magic tricks up his sleeve. He loves to sing, has epilepsy, and a vast seashell collection.


Mary is a rodeo queen, barrel racer, and endurance rider. She loves to dance to Mariachi music. She catches fireflies, endured a stroke as a baby, and loves to sew beautiful patterns on her clothes.


Michael’s basketball team won their regional championship last year. He target shoots, has a spinal cord injury, and races remote control cars.


Bella received a full academic scholarship and plans to major in alternative energy sources. Bella loves to bake, travel internationally with her family, has multiple sclerosis, and is a very snappy dresser!

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