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Cyndi is a professional speaker, founder of I See ABILITY!, a seasoned occupational therapist, author, and sister. She enjoys training Head Starts/Early Starts throughout the nation, where she provides teachers with fine motor and sensory processing skill building activities they can easily implement into their already established classroom routines. With nearly 25 years of experience as an OT and a sister to a man, who happens to have Down syndrome, Cyndi brings her real-life experiences and wealth of knowledge to teachers in a fun and actionable format. Cyndi is known for her delightful sense of humor and the playfulness she brings to her presentations. Watch a clip of her training below.

Cyndi’s keen insight on using an ability focus will transform the way you view children, where you find your direction to proceed, and how easily facilitation of sensory processing and fine motor skill tasks can be placed within the natural setting of a classroom or home.

Cyndi’s practical and effective tools will assist you in seeing fresh, creative avenues, and discover a more wholehearted approach to teaching and providing facilitation of skills for children.

Sensory Processing: It Does Make Sense

Cyndi will shed light on why and how your students/children respond to sensory stimulation. Some may resist certain activities and actions, while others may seek out those same activities and actions. Cyndi provides an understanding of the 3 sensory systems (vestibular, proprioception and tactile) that make up the sensory processing system. If a teacher/parent/caregiver can understand why a child displays sensory characteristics, they can immediately provide practical solutions and assistance. Cyndi’s ability to instill knowledge of this complex subject into simple explanations will provide you with understanding and solutions you can put to use the next day.

What you will learn from Cyndi:

  • A practical knowledge of the three sensory systems beyond the common five

  • A down to earth understanding of what the child is experiencing within these often overlooked and misunderstood systems

  • Knowing how to incorporate functional sensory input into current routines

  • Increased ability to respond to the child’s guidance on filling their cup for sensory development

  • A template to help identify a child’s key strengths while planning a program

Fine Motor Skills: Let Me Lend You a Hand

Cyndi covers fine motor development in preschool/school routines and tasks. This training covers the following topics and much more: understanding scissor use progression, how to support the development of a dominant hand and a mature (tripod) pencil grasp, fun ways to increase shoulder and trunk strength (which naturally increase fine motor skills), activities to increase fine motor and eye-hand coordination, supportive table/seat positioning, and how to incorporate functional tasks throughout your daily routine that naturally increase fine motor/visual motor development.

Cyndi breaks down the stages of these tasks to increase your knowledge and understanding while providing ideas and solutions to place within the schedules and routines you already have in place. The solutions are adapted for the best possible independence level in children therefore increasing feelings of competence, mastery and motivation.

What you will learn from Cyndi:

  • A practical knowledge of fine motor development processes

  • A breakdown of the steps of supporting each stage of fine motor skill

  • Increased knowledge of how to incorporate fine motor/visual motor tasks and activities into current routines

  • Increased ability to recognize naturally occurring functional tasks that support fine motor development every day


“I recently took part in a full day sensory training provided by Cyndi Elliott. The best part is always getting tools that we can use in the classroom; Cyndi always makes sure they are fun and attractive for children. I also like how these ideas can be implemented with every child in the classroom and not just one.”

ROBERTA ASENCIO, Lead Child Care Teacher


“Cyndi is a child whisperer.”

LOLITA HENDRICKSON, Assistant Director Head Start


“You make me want to go to work tomorrow!”


JOHNSON CAYE, Early Education Teacher



“Love your positive energy. You are a magnet for smiles.”

SHEILA CONNER, Special Education Teacher

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