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Sensory Solutions: The Importance of Staying Creative

A couple days ago I introduced you to the lovely Patrick, and his desire to play music. I thought you would be interested to see how he played the cool, cardboard guitar we made together for a perfect fine motor activity. Happy I was able to get some video footage you can see above of him rockin’ out. I also wanted to share the live performance Patrick and I did at the assembly. See the written blog post from Tuesday, April 12 for the whole story.

Providing Sensory Solutions in Alaska

This young man brought me much joy and inspiration on my rural Alaska travels. I hope Patrick will inspire you as you watch him shine at the school assembly. I was super impressed at how he kept up with my beat.

Sensory Solutions at Play

Me with one of the fun students in Alaska

Patrick is one of many other students I’ve worked with, who happen to have a disability. I’m comfortable and filled with joy to work with these kids because they teach me how fun life is, to not take myself so seriously and they always keep me on my toes to come up with more creative solutions that satisfy their sensory needs.

Why Should We Satisfy a Child’s Sensory Need?

My brother David and his buddy Bill

Not every child is the same. When I’m helping two children, who both have Down syndrome, they aren’t going to necessarily have the same sensory needs, which I love. This forces me to continue to think outside the box, learn the needs these children are actively telling me and work to fill those sensory needs with activities that are educational, silly and easy to do in a classroom. One second I could be building a guitar, next, I could be helping a child to pick up a toy with tongs out of a jar. These may seem weird or uncommon to some, however, by playing to a child’s abilities helps them to concentrate and focus on learning once certain sensory needs are met.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to look to the gifts and abilities in people. As always, thank you for tuning in and thank you for working with kids!

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