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Teaching Writing Skills to Preschoolers

Children are so proud of themselves when they can write their name. It’s a big milestone. They have been writing their name in a certain form through preschool, sometimes for a couple years. Sometimes, they go to kindergarten and they are told to write their name a whole new way.

There is a way that children are expected to write letters in elementary school. There are arrows, directions and starting points. Your child or student will be asked to learn to write letters in a certain form. As they say in Alaska, “It is what it is”.

So why not give the child a head start by teaching writing skills to them in the same way they will be asked to write them in kindergarten?

How children are being taught how to write

Many parents teach their child to write their name using upper case letters. Upper case letters are made with more straight lines verses the curves and loops of lower case letters. This is often seen as easier for the child to master. However, if the child continues to write their name in capital letters until they get to kindergarten, they will need to start all over.

Another fact is pretty much every person writes primarily in lower case letters. Being that this is the norm, it’s even more important for children, even at a young age, to start getting used to writing in lower case.

Simple solutions for teaching writing skills

An easy solution you can start doing at home or in your classroom is teaching a child to write their name with one capital and the rest lowercase. And, in order for the child to have a good foundation of what the letters look like, take some time to focus on teaching your child or student the alphabet using lower case letters. This will really help them progress in their writing skills in kindergarten.

In my latest video, I also provide you with a handy, colorful and interactive way of teaching writing skills to children by showing them how to write letters starting from the top down. I’ve done this with kids before and they love it. If you’re curious about this super fun tip, watch my video below.

If you want to make sure you fully understand the teaching method before your child or student goes into kindergarten, I suggest preschool teachers and parents call the kindergarten teachers in the school the child is to attend, and ask the teacher what form of writing the school uses and if they could send you a copy of the letter formation.

Are my solutions working for you?

If you like my tips and you end up using it in your classroom or home, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me a comment below or send me an email at to let me know how my solutions worked for you. If your child or student is still struggling with writing, I can still help. Please get in contact with me. Thank you for working with kids.

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