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Overcoming challenges and finding inspiration

I’m going to let all of you in on something a bit personal in my life. I’m overcoming challenges right now. I’m experiencing a large learning curve in my business, as I’m trying to figure out how to most effectively help teachers in this technological age. How do I make video and products that are effective, efficient and support teachers and parents in meeting their needs?

Overcoming Challenges of Fear and the New

I feel the biggest obstacle of this problem is in my head. It feels overwhelming a great deal of the time. I am learning new skills on many fronts on social media and how to best get the word out about my training and products, to the people who would benefit from them.

Whenever I have challenges in my life, I often find my mind going back to the inspiring children I’ve worked with, to remind myself of my journey and turning my fear of the new into excitement of the future.

Overcoming Challenges: How I Helped a Child Learn How to Ride a Bike

Today, I want to share with you about the time I taught a boy how to ride a bike. I’ve previously shared about this boy, who came out of his shell when I started to talk about theater, film and Japanese superheroes.

What I didn’t share was how I was able to inspire him to learn to ride a bike. This boy was fearful of getting on a bike and was, quite frankly, unwilling. He was 9 years old and had some challenges with balance. My job was to get him to ride a bike using large training wheels.

I found him some large training wheels and that provided the stability we needed to start. Now, how was I going to get this boy on a bike? I had to brainstorm. He loved superheroes, so I decide to make a game out of bike riding and I told him that he was going to get on the bike and ride to a little treasure chest box. He would then have to get off the bike, open the box, find a printed image of a superhero, and then tell me about the character.

We worked all summer on getting on and off the bike and riding the bike. At the end of the summer, he was able to ride the bike with the training wheels and go on bike rides with his family. I found by using an interest the boy already had to help him overcome his fear of riding a bike and having him face this fear on a daily basis enabled him to ride with success.

When I think about this boy’s fear of riding a bike and how I helped him to face that fear, it has enabled me to come up with a similar solution for the challenge I presented above. In order for me to get over my fear of learning new marketing techniques to incorporate into my business, I will better be able to serve the teachers at Head Start and Early Start programs. Having a more effective training will enable me to make a bigger impact in teacher’s lives and they can then do better for the children they work with. This is like my treasure chest that the little boy discovered at the end of his bike ride.

When was the last time you were faced with a challenge? What motivated you to overcome that challenge? I would love to hear your experience. Please comment below in the comment box or on my Facebook page. Looking forward to reading your challenges and how you found your treasure chest at the end of the tunnel.
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