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Scissor cutting solutions for preschoolers

I find kids really enjoy using a scissor. When I first introduce scissor use with paper, children usually try to find a way to approach the paper and hold the paper while they also hold the scissor and cut by opening and closing the scissor. For children, this is a lot of movement to think about.

Scissor Cutting Solution

I admit there are a lot of steps to go through (these steps are broken down in my Fine Motor Skills: Let Me Lend You a Hand training) and this all takes some time and exposure to the task, in order for children to repeat using the scissor correctly. In this video, I provide a quick tip that assists teachers and parents in helping their preschooler learn how to cut with a scissor, and it also encourages children to begin to develop the correct hand movement for scissor cutting we all eventually learn to do.

By the time a child is around four years old and for sure by kindergarten, I start to remind them to use the “thumbs up” position in both hands. That is when the hand holding the scissor has the thumb toward the ceiling and the hand holding the paper has the thumb on top of the paper. This is the most effective and supportive position to do all things required when using scissors.

Allow the children to get used to holding a scissor and cutting paper and then eventually moving or encouraging them by reminding them to use the “thumbs up” position.

More Scissor Cutting Video Solutions

If you like this video and you’re interested in getting more solutions for helping children to cut with a scissor, please check out my other videos.

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