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Parent Night Topics for Head Start and Early Start

I often speak at parent nights at my hometown Head Start/Early Start. It’s important to make parents aware of the support we are providing their children, and how they can continue to build on that support at home. After I did a training in December, Rachel, a Family Service Worker In Cut Bank, MT, wanted to use my youtube videos at a parent night. Here are the videos I suggested she use and why.

How to Use Tape to Support Fine Motor Development
Benefits of this video:
  • Easy materials to access.

  • Helps to improve a child’s bilateral hand skills, which is an important skill to master as development in this area helps a child to take a screw top off or write their name.

  • Works on hand-eye-coordination.

  • Helps kids on being more detail-oriented

A Simple Solution for Helping Kids Place Their Shoes on the Correct Feet
Benefits of this video:
  • Helps kids to increase their independence.

  • Fun and easy solution that you can incorporate into your classroom now.

  • Supports fine motor skill building.

  • Increase a child’s success rate dramatically when they want to dress themselves.

Pencil Grasp Development
Benefits of this video:
  • Gives multiple ways for kids to be successful in developing their tripod grasp.

  • Helps parents and teachers to understand the need for strong upper body strength in order to master the tripod grasp.

  • Explains why the tripod grasp is the most preferred grasp for kids to master when they are learning to write.

  • Different ways to give your kids lots of practice with utilizing their tripod grasp

Use of Air-Filled Discs to Improve your Concentration and Sitting Duration
Benefits of this video:
  • Understand a great solution for overactive kids, who need help concentrating.

  • Explanation on why some kids need to move to think.

  • Different ways your kids can use the air-filled disc.

  • And the different types of air-filled discs you can purchase.

How to Teach Cutting with Scissors to Preschoolers Benefits of this video:

  • Learn the right scissors to use for young kids.

  • Get to know the materials you will need to start teaching kids how to cut with scissors.

  • A breakdown of all the movement involved in the hand when you are cutting with scissors.

  • Learn my “Thumbs Up” method, which puts children on the right track to cutting with scissors using correct hand placement

Ways to Use My Videos During Parent Night

There are multiple ways to use my videos during parent night. You can bunch them all together for a long video training or just play a few and discuss them. The best part is, you have my supportive solutions that will make you feel confident in front of parents because you have the tools to help their kids succeed.

It gives me great pleasure to support both teachers/staff as well as parents. I’ll keep the videos coming. If you like my videos and you have some suggestions on other content you want to see, please leave a comment here or on my Youtube Channel. Thank you for working with kids!

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