Heavy Work at Circle Time: Solutions to Make it More Fun

Children like to be creative. They like to imagine themselves as different types of animals or characters. The beautiful part about being a kid is having the ability to access that uncompromised imagination. Part of why I like working with kids so much is for a short period of time, I get to transport myself into that fantasy world where anything is possible.

The Journey to Creating Kid-Friendly and Skill Building Activities

When I think about the solutions I can provide to teachers, I like to make sure I am also making the activities fun, hands-on and kid-centric. I enjoy the challenge of finding an activity that meets the needs and increases the sensory development of many children while also keeping the activity light and silly. This is one of those activities I like to call the spider walk.

Use the Spider Walk to Get into Circle Time

When you do this activity, your kids can use a stuffed animal on their tummy, so they are naturally prompted to lift and keep their trunk up. And, it also keeps them focused on balancing the toy. This is a good start before settling into circle time because it will help many of your kids get their fidgeting out or, at least, decrease it and it will prepare their muscles to be alert and increase their ability to hold their body in a sitting position. This activity also brings lasting strength to the core and the back so it will support the fine motor movement of the hands. Remember, the core needs to have good stabilization so the arms and hands can move more freely and with more speed and accuracy. In other words, fine motor skills start with a strong back and core. Try this activity and let me know what you think but most of all have a lot of fun! And if you are interested, here are a couple other videos I’ve produced on body awareness with great solutions you can use to help your students to concentrate better in your classroom. Thank you for working with kids!

Other Sensory Integration Solutions for Your Classroom

Supporting Body Awareness Development for Active Bodies

Sitting Positions that Help Kids Concentrate

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