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Beading in the Classroom: A Simple Solution for Beginning to Bead with Children

I often see children enjoying making creations out of beads. They love to string beads and make a necklace or bracelet. They get to wear their art, they enjoy the independence of beading on their own, while also seeing the reward of their hard work.

Challenges Children Experience When They First Start Beading

Sometimes, beading can be challenging for children when they try it for the first time. Grasping the string to pull it through the hole can be tricky. And, children with special needs can sometimes struggle with this activity.

Learn My Simple Tips to Assisting Children in Beading

Lucky for you, I have a couple tips up my sleeve in this latest video to help any child bead with great success, and without teacher assistance. These tips encourage a sense of independence in children. It’s always a wonderful moment for any child when they get to say, “I did it all by myself”! All you will need is some shoe string, a bead and tape.

The tape can come in handy when you’re trying to make the hard part of the string longer, to ease the process of helping a child pull the string through the hole. I have tried this solution with teachers and I have seen how much teachers love supporting children in doing this activity because they can do it almost independently from the teacher. So add some tape to the end of your thick laces in your bead bin, and let your students and children enjoy the art of making beautiful creations!

Give Me Feedback On My Solutions

If you decide to use this solution in your classroom, I would be curious to know how it worked for you. Please don’t hesitate to leave your unique experience in the comment section. I’ll always respond.

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