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Easy Shoe Tying Technique to Use in the Classroom and at Home

I remember the feeling of tying my shoes for the first time. I felt like such a grown up. I could do that big task that seemed to take a lot of concentration to learn. And once I mastered the skill, I tied everything I could in the house. I whole new world opened up. I even would go under the table during dinner time and try to tie my parents shoes. They were sweet to play along as I felt like a sneaky spy.

My Quick and Easy Tip for Helping Children Tie Their Shoes

Tying shoes is a complicated task but I have a tip in this video to ease the process. With this adaptation, you can improve success, motivation and confidence. I have a practice shoe that I load up with a bootlace on one end (it’s more rigid than a soft shoelace and is easier to manage) and a pipe cleaner for the other end of the laces. When using a pipe cleaner for the “bunny ear” side, you cut the work in half because the loop stays rigid and the child does not have to work around the floppy shoelace. I’m happy to break down the task of tying shoelaces for you in my day of fine motor training.

So try this quick tip with your kids or students and see if it helps you both out and gives them the gift of independence and accomplishment knowing they know how to tie their own shoes.

Other Video Resources on Shoe Assistance for Children

If you are also working on helping your child or student to put their shoes on correctly, I also have a fast tip on making this learning experience fun and it also helps children perfect this task quicker. Check out my video on “The Solution to Helping your Kids Put their Shoes on Correctly”.

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