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Teachers Have So Much To Do: I Can Lighten Your Load

How do teachers do it all? I watch so many dedicated and hard working teachers help children daily. There is so much learning going on. There are so many growing and developing bodies and minds. I’ve gone into classrooms for years now as an occupational therapist I tread lightly because the last thing I want to do is add more tasks for teachers to do

I Train Teachers on Sensory Processing

So now I thoroughly enjoy training teachers how and what the body is doing when it is seeking sensory processing information. Things a teacher might see when the sensory systems are still developing are:

  • Roamers (kids that seem driven to move past the shelves of toys).

  • Crashers and bashers (those kids that want to run full force into another child and want to wrestle and rough play).

  • Picky eaters (those that eat the soft foods or crunchy crackers and that is it).

  • Glue wipers (those who can’t handle sticky stuff on their hands).

  • Mouthers (the kids that mouth everything in the room and they are past teething age).

These are just a handful of the challenges in a classroom that I can shed light on during my day training. I explain the three sensory systems (proprioception, vestibular, and tactile), what their jobs are and what you will see if the full development of these systems is not yet reached. But I don’t stop there. I know you need solutions that are simple and that can be placed within already established routines. And if you have an occupational therapist available, you can work better with them now knowing what the sensory systems are all about.

I’m so happy to help you with these challenges and more. I know as a teacher, you are busy and have an overabundant plate already. I’ve seen how helpful it is to increase understanding of the sensory systems, so teachers can generalize the information and offer support throughout your students already established day. Let me help you by increasing your knowledge and open your options of how to assist.

Here is what people are saying about my training:

“I sure did appreciate the whole presentation! Thank you for helping and guiding us! There was a lot of information that I had no clue about. Again, thank you!” -Anonymous at Shoshone-Bannock Head Start

If you’re a teacher and you’re looking to receive training in your Head Start, preschool or school, please visit my speaking page to find out what you can expect from a day training with me! If you just want to get more acquainted with my solutions to sensory processing roadblocks, check out and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Thank you so much for being here and thank you for working with kids.

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