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Discovering, Living and Loving Our Strengths

Have you ever read the book Strengthsfinder by Tom Rath? It’s this wonderful book that helps you to find what your hidden talents are. Within the book, you get to take an online quiz with a code from the book. It tells you your top 5 strengths and I couldn’t believe after taking the quiz how right on it was for me.

One of my strengths I discovered from the quiz is I’m a futurist. I’m always thinking ahead. I’m envisioning how things and ways of being and working could be tweaked for improvement. The description of futurist says that my type is always stretching people to move forward.

I am always wondering how to more effectively help more people. I think it is great when I can strengthen the whole preschool class with crab walking (I call it spider walking) as I advise the kiddos to walk like spiders to the circle area. Everyone is helped at once and they are provided a good dose of heavy work to calm their systems or wake up their systems, (depending on the type of body they are and how their engine’s run), just before circle time.

Being someone who can never stop being creative, I have been brainstorming some new products to add to the I See ABILITY!™ program. I will have my first webinar (free by the way) in mid-February. I will have a one-hour webinar on supporting the development of using scissors for preschoolers or preschool developmental age individuals. I have never had the opportunity to be able to reach a large number of people from different geographic areas at one time, which is why I’m excited to do this webinar. When I worked in Alaska, I wanted to help all ten villages at once. Now, I get the opportunity to support teachers, daycare providers, parents, foster parents and more in many places. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity. I thank my team for helping me to support all of this as well.

As I start this new year, I am tweaking my business goals. Who do I want to help the most? I return again to supporting people who work with young children. Preschool is a rich time and I love interacting with those tiny people with big, enthusiastic and fresh hearts. My work does spread across ages and I am receiving great feedback on how sensory processing information assists any age. If you are curious about the OT resources I provide, check out my YouTube channel, which is chalk full of juicy OT tips and I update it with a new video every week.

If you have a question or would like a demonstration of something specific, let me know by contacting me on my website. Allow me to help you so your strengths can help others. Thank you for working with kids!

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