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How to use tape to support fine motor development

I Make Fine Motor Development Easier

Helping your child or student to strengthen their fine motor skills can be difficult to do when the tasks are complicated or not easy to implement into their daily routines. Lucky for you, I’m going to show you how you can use scotch tape (or any type of tape) to help your child or student increase their fine motor skills.

Why is Fine Motor Development Important

It’s important for you the parent, teacher or childcare provider to offer ways for your children or students to strengthen their fine motor skills because fine motor movements are being used daily. The reason why people know how to write, grasp objects, put their clothes on, open the door or put items away are all fine motor activities. You wouldn’t want your child or student going through their whole life not knowing how to do this basic stuff right? It feels pretty freeing and independent to know how to write, put your shoes on, cook etc. The reality is, your child wants and desires to be more independent and following my video can help your child or student on the path to perfecting the fine motor activities described.

When your child learns the basic steps and continues to strengthen their fine motor skills, they will begin to start using smaller muscles in their body to pick up smaller containers, twisting off tiny jar covers, making necklaces, painting and much more.

Furthermore, a child’s ability to communicate well has a lot to do with where they’re at in their fine motor development. Being able to write, move a mouse on the computer or draw a picture are all ways we communicate in the world, and when children are able to strengthen their fine motor skills every day, their communication skills will increase too.

More Fine Motor Development Strengthening Videos

As an occupational therapist, I have worked with children on strengthening their fine motor skills for over 20 years and I’ve made and continue to make many videos around easy-to-implement activities that strengthen your child or student’s fine motor skills in a classroom or home setting. So if you enjoy the video above, I have many more resources below for you to take advantage of.

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Assisting Children in Pencil Grasp Development

What Video Should I Produce Next?

I love hearing from my viewers to see what their child or student’s unique struggles are around fine motor strengthening, and what resources I may be able to provide to help make specific tasks easier. Write me a comment below to let me know what video content you think would help you and your little kiddo best.

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