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Fine Motor Skills Strengthening Through the Use of Containers

Fine Motor Skills Help in the Home

My friend told me a funny story the other day of how her little two-year-old boy is obsessed with legos. He’ll spend all day playing with them building interesting structures and then breaking them apart all the while laughing without a care in the world. I asked her how she thought he felt in those moments, she replied “happy”.

I explained the reason why she was seeing this is because her child is illustrating his love for being independent. I then wondered how she could turn the pickup into a cool fine motor skill activity. I suggested she get a large tub or jar to put all the legos in that she could ask her son to help her to use to put the legos away. Then, I mentioned to make sure the tub have a lid so her son could practice twisting the lid to get the legos out. This movement is a bilateral hand task, an important fine motor skill to strengthen and one I describe more in my video. There are ways teachers, not just parents, can use my video to assist their students in strengthening their fine motor skills within a routine they’re already used to. I’ll address this more in the next paragraph.

How I Help Teachers Integrate Fine Motor Activities in a Classroom

Whenever I enter a classroom or childcare center, I am very careful to remember that I do not want to add stress, layers of tasks and exercises onto an already very full plate the teacher has already planned out. I realized along my OT path that I needed to get creative and make sure my fine motor and sensory processing tasks/suggestions would be easily accomplished within an already established routine or classroom set up. This video is a good example of how I take children’s daily routines in classrooms and add simple fine motor strengthening exercises within those routines.

I do want to take this moment to also recognize along with my resources the other tasks teachers have to juggle daily. I am amazed by all the tasks teachers do in a day. I’m baffled by how many children they are responsible for and how they keep them engaged and productive. I am enamored at all the decisions they have to make and how they must roll with the punches and stay flexible while also instilling focus in the classroom. Teachers are doing all of this and at the same time being available for a growing child’s emotional reassurance. Congratulations on being superb human beings!

Functional Fine Motor Activities in my Video

I love watching kids try to figure out how to open a lid, twist off a jar or open up a pencil box. The kids are always smiling because they’re excited to get to do an activity all on there own, just like my friends son is when he plays with legos. In my video, you can see all the fun things you can do with a container to help your child/student strengthen their fine motor skills.

If after you watch the video you are interested in more videos on fine motor activities, check out the following videos:

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What activity does your child or student like to do a lot of? How can you turn that activity into a fine motor skill strengthening exercise? If you need assistance in figuring out some solutions to incorporating daily fine motor tasks into your child or student’s daily routines, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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