Seeing Abilities in Star Wars

The Abilities of Wookiees

I recently saw Star Wars, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m a big fan! My friends are shaking their heads at me for being such a dork. I guess this world is full of millions of “dorks” who are seeing this very successful film, and I just happen to be one of them.

Jedis’, Storm Troopers and Wookiees oh my! What really intrigued me when I saw this Star Wars and many others was the diversity in the life-forms or beings on the screen. I love how the robots, the Wookiees, and the people all work together. Sure they roll their eyes at each other sometimes, and yet they count each form to be good at something or hold an ability. Everyone is useful and they work together. And there isn’t judgement around typical vs. out there life forms. Everyone is equal and interesting.

Star Wars: A More Accepting World

If the world was like Star Wars, specifically the part I pulled out of it, I think we would see more acceptance of differences because we would be more excited about individual’s abilities instead of their crutches. I would want several types of people in my spacecraft. I can imagine someone with Autism bringing their awesome strength of remembering details, or someone with Down syndrome bringing their tenderheartedness and calm, and I would tote my creative thinking for solutions. We would also throw someone in there that was good at math and logistics, because someone needs to fly the spaceship.

All silliness aside, if we all started praising each other for our abilities, magic would happen. There would be more business growth because people would be hired for what they’re good at, not just for who “they” know or how good looking they are. We would all be less angry because we would have a better understanding of one another. We may even travel beyond our comfort zones, which would create more innovation within the workplace and within personal relationships.

We all can benefit from each other. Can you recall a time when you accepted someone who was different than you and how that made you feel?

Open your eyes to the ABILITIES of people. Step back and see the bigger picture. Enjoy life. Enjoy the diversity of all people. And may the force be with YOU!

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