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Scissor Cutting Activities to do at Preschool or at Home

I have talked a lot about scissor use in my blogs, and now I want to show you some fun activities you can do at home or in your preschool classroom that your kids/students will enjoy and learn from. Increasing your child/student’s scissor use drastically improves their fine motor skill development. The best part is all the materials I present in the video you can find in your household or classroom. If your child is first starting to use scissors or is struggling with the skill, I recommend having them use spring loaded scissors. If you don’t know what those are or you want to purchase them, please visit this link.

With any type of scissor activities, it’s important for you parents and educators to be present to avoid any injuries that can occur.

Watch the full video to see ways you can incorporate this scissor cutting activity into other creative craft projects for your kids during the Holidays!

How do you encourage your kids or students to use scissors more in their lives? What creative ways can you share here to help other people out there, who may be struggling to get their kids to use scissors appropriately and with ease? Please share your answers in the comment section below.

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