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Heavy Work Activities that Create Calmer Classroom and Home Atmospheres

Holidays are a stressful time. We’re running around trying to get everyone the perfect present or we’re rushing to get from one Holiday gathering to another. All the while, those of us who have children need to make sure they’re entertained. Juggling all of that, plus, the little ones is a handful. I’m here to relieve some of that Holiday and really everyday anxiety for parents, teachers and childcare professionals out there, who have difficulty in giving their children or students activities to get all their ya ya’s out.

When you watch my video, I talk about the importance of bringing in heavy work into your child/student’s day-to-day life. Heavy work stimulates the proprioceptive system, which involves the muscles and joints. Activating this system can provide a calming effect for children. I offer multiple examples of activities you can do at home or in the classroom to enable children to engage this system and provide a sense of calm to them, so they can be supported to concentrate on activities at hand. When you’re in the middle of wrapping presents, you’re trying to have reading time in your classroom or you’re sitting down for dinner and you want your child to calm down and be present, my tips will work wonders for those situations and many more.

In the video, I do mention how you can use weighted stuffed animals to help activate the proprioceptive muscles, which works especially well when children are engaging in seated activities. The weighted stuffed animals can also help to keep the children occupied, but also calm while they’re seated. This brings relief and calm to teachers and parents.

After watching the video, if you’re curious about where you may be able to purchase weighted stuffed animals or you want to try making one on your own, I’ve provided you with some resources below.

Purchase Weighted Stuffed Animals

Make Your Own Weighted Stuffed Animals

Thank you so much for watching my videos and if you are currently using any of my OT tips, you have in the past or you want to start after watching this video, please don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions in the comment section below about my OT suggestions.

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