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Proper Chair and Table Height for Children’s Fine Motor Skills

It’s always a funny sight for me when I go into a classroom and I see the children sitting at tall tables in cute, little chairs, reaching up to the tables to grab their utensils in order to start their activity. Some kids feet won’t even be touching the floor while other children will be too big for the chair. Overall, the placement of these objects can make it difficult for the children to feel they have the freedom to work and create as freely as they like.

Being an occupational therapist, I am always aware of the setup of a classroom. In my latest video, I illustrate the proper chair and table height that enables children to have the full range of their arms and hands. It also helps them to better visualize and tackle the task at hand.

If you are wondering how you can utilize the tools I’m showing you in this video in your classroom, however, you aren’t in a position to buy new chairs or tables, you’re in luck. Next week, I will show you how you can use books and other materials in your classroom to adjust chair height for many different sized children. I will also show you how to create a platform on the floor for children who may have difficulty reaching their feet to the floor. Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for more classroom tools next week!

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