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Supporting Body Awareness Development for Active Bodies

I’ve talked a lot lately about how children have a tendency to get fidgety when they’re in a seated position or how it can be challenging for children to stay focused while they’re seated for long periods of time. In my latest video, I piggyback on some of the tools I’ve provided in the past to you, on how to support children to concentrate better in seated positions by focusing on why children want to move or have to move when they’re sitting.

Some children move because it helps them to think or process information. Being someone who constantly needs to move to be able to think, I sympathize with the wigglers, the hand wavers and the head bobbers of the world. If I didn’t have the freedom to move in my work, I don’t think I would be able to be as creative or analytical as I am.

In the video, I provide you with tools to enable children to move, but also concentrate on the important lessons you are teaching them in the classroom. For some of you who have seen my videos before, the tools will be familiar, however, if you’re seeing my videos for the first time, I’m so glad you’ve joined in. I hope you will enjoy all the fun OT tools in my educational and colorful toolbox.

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