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Resources for Helping Children to Develop Their Proprioceptive System

When I was a little girl, I took the bus to school, and every time I would get on the bus, I would fall. I knew I didn’t want to fall and I prepared myself in my head to not fall because my shins were constantly bruised and hurt. Plus, I loved dresses, but I felt awkward wearing them with the appearance of my shins. In my adult life, I look back and realize the real problem was my Proprioceptive System wasn’t fully developed at that point and if it were, I would have known I needed to pick my foot up higher to clear the step.

Do you notice your child at home or in a classroom constantly bumping into doors or tables and wondering how that action occurred? For us adults, we may laugh nervously or feel bad when our child or student bumps into things because we don’t want them to hurt themselves. We also don’t remember what it was like to develop our Proprioceptive System because it’s been engrained in us for so long. When you are seeing your child or student constantly bumping into objects, it is because their Proprioceptive System hasn’t been fully developed.

The Proprioceptive System is one of three of the Sensory Processing Systems that acts as the internal awareness of how we are made and the learned subconscious measurements of knowing the circumference of our bodies and how to move around the world safely.

In my latest video, I illustrate what is going on in the mind and body of a child in those beginning phases of developing their body awareness, how that body awareness develops over time and how using a pressure vest can help children to learn body awareness faster, which will enable them to stop bumping into objects, and having a greater understanding of their own bodies, and how to move safely throughout their days. Every child will develop their Proprioceptive System sooner or later; My method just encourages that process to move more quickly. Thank you again so much for reading, I hope you all enjoy the video and never hesitate to use my resources in a classroom setting, your kids will love it.

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