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Teaching and Supporting Children with Learning Downward Pressure Movements

Are you a parent or teacher struggling with assisting your child or student in learning how to integrate downward pressure, in order to help them complete different types of tasks. These tasks can include but aren’t limited to building lego structures, making orange juice or putting pressure on an object to secure it with glue to a piece of paper.

In my latest video, I illustrate teaching/supporting a child in learning downward pressure through the action of making lemon juice. You will notice in the video I apply light pressure to the child’s shoulder. I do this to help the child feel where the pressure needs to come from, in order to apply downward pressure on an object. Most children are hands-on learners, so doing this activity with them and supporting their body movement, enables them to learn these fine motor skills faster and more effectively. If you want to know other activities you can do with your child or student to learn downward pressure, please feel free to leave a comment on my blog or to contact me at Thank you for stopping by and viewing my video and I look forward to sharing more of my OT toolset with you next week!

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