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Use Air-Filled Discs to Assist Active Children and Adults

Hello everyone. It’s another fun video blog and today I am going to be discussing a fun product called air-filled discs, which work wonders for children and adults who have active lifestyles, people who need to move to think clearly or for those individuals who just can never sit still. The air-filled discs are used as a cushion on your chair that allows you to move even when you’re sitting. I have also found it to be a wonderful way to keep preschoolers on task during activities where they need to sit for long periods of time including meal times. Parents can even use it to support their kids when their doing homework or studying for a test. It can be difficult to motivate your kid to study right after school, where they’ve already been sitting and concentrating. The air-filled disc helps create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to study with movement. I personally use one at my desk and it supports my own needs for movement as I work. To use it, all you have to do is fill it up an inch with air and put it on your chair.

We all have a desire to move, why not keep our bodies going even when we’re sitting and or learning?! Enjoy this video where I show you what the air-filled discs look like, how to use them and much more. Here are also a couple links to where you can purchase this awesome product.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ve given you another way to experience movement.

Xo, Cyndi

2 Responses


September 9, 2015 | Reply | (Edit)

This was a great video. I enjoyed it greatly.

Thanks and keep up the good work.



October 6, 2015 | Reply | (Edit)

Thank you, Shane. I so appreciate your comment. Do you use air-filled discs? Keep watching to see all the other OT tools I have up my sleeve.

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