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My Brother is my Inspiration

My brother, David, was born in 1969. During this time, there was heavy pressure to institutionalize people with disabilities or what I call different-abilities. Before deciding to take my brother home, my parents called a meeting with me and all of my other eight siblings. I don’t remember it because I was four, but I’m happy to know the decision to take David home was a resounding “Yes”! I am so incredibly thankful for the unanimous decision! Without him, I would have missed my early lessons of what is real and what matters in this life. David’s teachings have shaped me positively in so many ways. Words fail to encompass the depth. His wisdom continues to lead me during choices in my adult life and I am forever affected by his gifts. I am so thankful for a place to rave about my brother and I’m incredibly grateful to have a career that is centered around such abled people! The many lessons David has bestowed upon me that I hope will inspire you: be honest, be in the moment, love one another, give, choose happiness, hug one another, allow, follow your heart, feel, find your bliss, laughter always wins, and share. Again, I thank you David!

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