How-to Teach Cutting with Scissors to Preschoolers

The thought of your child or student holding a pair of scissors is scary, it even terrifies you to the core. You can already see the scene playing out in your head; scraps of paper all around your living room, rips in the couch and cuts in their clothing. I totally get how intense the whole experience is, however, I am here to illustrate a way for you to teach your child or student how-to use scissors as early as preschool. My methods are easy to follow, they’re a ton of fun for kids and you can even make a nice art project out of the scraps afterwords.

I go through every step from showing you how-to help your child/student with hand placement on the scissors, the best type and size of paper to use and ways to encourage your child/student to always keep their “thumbs up” while they cut. Hope you enjoy my video!

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