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The Guru (G-U-R-U or Gee, You are You)

It’s a challenge to know where to start with this blog, but as everything else in life, I just have to start. I began writing in 2003, when my former spouse was going through medical tests addressing kidney challenges, which later turned up as kidney failure. I was a young bride and mother and spent many days alone in hospital waiting rooms. That is where the memories of my brother David flooded in and woke in me. I first wrote a poem about my childhood with him, how it felt to be in David’s presence, giggling and singing. It was these memories that swept in to comfort me. The crack opened and here I am today with a newly published book about the amazing ABILITIES of those who are often seen as chipped or broken in some way. My goal is to fill you in on the insights I’ve had since that poem first drew its breath. I’ll also guide you along the continued journey with ABILITY as time goes on…

I confess though, I have not been very patient. Over the last few months, I have been getting frustrated in trying to navigate my boat down this river of new business as quickly as possible. There were times I was not kind; or yelled at loved ones because I wanted things to move along faster. I didn’t hear the inner truth in me and act accordingly and immediately, which David does so naturally. I realize, of course, that I am not David, it’s not possible. However, I try to follow David’s example of genuine living-in-the-moment and being himself fully. But the truth is that I am not even close to his skill. I do not have that extra chromosome that is chuck-full of the width and depth of fully automatic love and authentic truth. I have to pay attention and practice these skills that are stitched so naturally and deeply into David’s inner layers. I want to be the messenger of David’s wisdom to others. I want to give voice to his teachings, as he is the example of love, truth and authenticity! So in these challenging times, I do BOW to the master and try my best to learn from him, and humbly continue to say, “Teach me wise brother. You are my guru in leading me back to… myself!”

This is how it all started in 2003.

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